XSoft Web Office can seamlessly integrate with XSoft Billing

Online Calendar

Your entire business will stay on schedule and organized, making everyone more productive.


Allows users to send and receive messages among office co-workers from phone calls or visits.

Contact Manager

Access to all your contacts, phone, emails and client’s information.

Short Message Service

Send email messages from XSoft Web Office to cell phones.


You can easily make announcements to all co–workers for meetings, distribute news, invitations, reminders.

Task Manager

Powerful web-based task manager to help you manage your personal and professional projects.

Links Manager

Share links with your colleagues or save your personal links for future reference.

Knowledge Base

Create explicit knowledge of an organization, including manuals, procedures, and technical information.

Online Documents

All your important documents, files and folders can be uploaded and shared.

Poll Manager

Create polls of all kinds, collect responses and analyze its results.