Here are some awesome XSoft Billing Features

XSoft Billing can seamlessly integrate with XSoft Web Office

Admin Dashboard

Powerful web-based dashboard where you can monitor recent invoices, past due invoices, overpaid invoices, estimates and view financial statistics.

Client Module

Clients can login in order to view estimates and invoices. Also, they can pay new and past due invoices without ever contacting you.

Invoice Manager

Easily create, send, track and manage your invoices online with a professional look. Accept online payments from customers and have a complete history of sent notifications and reminders.

Recurring Invoicing

Create recurring invoices in a snap with our unique scheduling feature. Saving you time from doing repeated manual entries. Simply set date and time and the invoice will be sent automatically.

Financial Statistics

Monitor the financial health of your business. View detailed statistics about the financial health of your business. View detailed statistics about invoices created and paid during different periods of time.


Easily track and view history payments of all your customers transactions. With every payment a personalized thank-you e-mail is sent to your customer.


Every time a new estimate or invoice is created or paid a personalized notification will be sent to your client in order to avoid doing this process manually.


Easily create, send and manage your estimates online with a professional look. Track when estimates are viewed by clients. These estimates can easily be converted into invoices upon client's approval.

Stored Items

With stored items you can store product and service details that can be used to speed up the generation of estimates and invoices.

Automated Reminders

Configure unlimited reminders with auto personalization using data tags in order to avoid following up every invoice or estimate manually.

Payment Processor

Process real-time payments using PayPal payment processor. Collect real-time payments from customers by allowing them to make online payment to your invoices.

Late Fee Payments

Want to be able to charge late fees? Well now you can! Simply add to your client profile the late fee charges and get paid for all overdue invoices.

Client Manager

You can easily add or edit your customer profile and contact information list as well as track all related invoices, estimates, reminders, notifications and payments.